Her Story…


When all the other little girls at the department store happily tried on whatever their mothers threw on them, Deni ran kicking and screaming into the fitting room because she wasn’t allowed to try on what SHE wanted. Crazy, considering she was just a toddler!


Deni’s family immigrated from South Korea to the US when she was very young.  She grew up in a small east coast suburb with two older brothers and parents who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet.  Somehow she found a way of recycling various hand-me-downs and combining her Father’s old wardrobe into what is now considered “mens-wear inspired” or “street-wear” chic.


Deni was a straight “A” honor student till her sophomore year in high school.  Then she discovered boys. But no worries, she still managed to graduate from college with a B.A. in Social Science from New York University, magna cum laude, and became highly proficient in shopping.


Too many years spent working like a mad woman trying to get ahead in the “Big 4″ Management Consulting world. Then, Deni left for Wall Street to spend even many more years working like a mad woman trying to get ahead in Investment Banking. Now, she’s just mad about fashion…especially as the Founder of KHOLLAGE Khurated By Deni.


“Tubby” (soon to be hubby) who cares deeply for her and a “Celebrity Pooch” named Chloe Yorkshire who cares deeply for herself.  What a lil’ DIVA that Chloe is…!